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Today’s Intelligence Community is comprised of many different agencies and organizations to include the Director of National Intelligence, Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence (USDI), National Intelligence, Civil Agencies, Joint Staff, Unified Combatant Commands, and Military Intelligence.  All of these intelligence agencies face a wide array of complex and interconnected challenges that threaten our way of life on a daily basis.  In order to successfully protect the United States and prepare for future threats, all IC members require up-to-the-minute expertise and innovative technologies.

Intelligence Consultants, Inc. (IC, Inc.) was established in April 2009 in order to provide intelligence analysis and consultation services to assist the US government with the many challenges that are associated with the global security mission.  IC, Inc. offers substantial expertise within the fields of counter-terrorism and all-source analysis, our primary goal is to help ensure that our country is well-protected against the various threats that exist in today’s world by providing strategic, operational and tactical level intelligence solutions to U.S. Government agencies throughout the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.

Our mission is to provide subject matter expertise and intelligence solutions to support our country’s national security objectives. Our support includes security specialists, intelligence analysts, counterterrorism professionals, and other senior program advisors. Our vision is to provide top-tier intelligence support to the national interests and strategic defense initiatives of the United States government and to become one of the nation’s premier defense contractor firms in the industry. 














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